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Marky Mark - Where are the SkinZ... JustSaiyan

is JustSaiyan about to drop bombs?

Hey everyone!!!
This blog, is to start what I think is going to be an incredible month for all of us!
Firstly, the new DBZ movie will be dropping in April... Frieza goes GOLD if you haven't seen the latest trailer.. check it here
BUT not only that, also this month dropped one of the best live action DBZ films to ever be created... the views speak for itself over ......7 million views!!
So, What are we going to do in this month of AWESOMENESS!!!!!
yehp, we are 90% of the way to releasing the JustSaiyan SkinZ series!!
-  designs will be released slowly starting with Vegeta Cell Armour and Perfect Cell.
SkinZ - Review
Well, every since I received my 2 sample tops... I have been over the moon, or over the Namek? who knows what I am trying to say is
The shirts f'n ROCK
I have smashed these bad boys by
  • Going to the gym - Weight Calisthenics
  • Mountain Biking
  • General lounging
  • Chasing Cats
  • Rolling
  • 4 X LONG washes
  • Hanging out in the sun to dry
Guess what?
They still have the same colour, feel and well.. Ki 
I am super excited to be releasing these... sometime this month :D with some NEW additions to the line up also
I wonder if you can guess who the new characters... may be?
Ill keep this short, These are happening, they are coming!!
I want to THANK EVERYONE who has supported us along the way, as always, we are just fans, making other fans dreams come true -
call me Shenron!! :D
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