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The Complete Beginners Guide to JustSaiyan

Z warriors ready? Lets go!

Who is JustSaiyan?
Made by Fans 4 Fans #F4F
Hey...Hey it’s me, Mark!!
I am currently sitting here, with my first cup of coffee this morning and I’ve
decided to use today’s post to have a bit of fun…

People oftentimes forget that business should be fun.

So much of what’s written online today lacks any sense of personal
connection. Most people are simply afraid to REALLY be themselves.

So instead they try to act ‘professional’ and all of their writing
comes out dry and dull.

Not pretty at all!!

So put down your Gameboy, ps / xbox controller… stop giving goku your energy - focus it here, glue your eyes to the screen, read a story from the Raw….Rebel…Quirky and 100% human Mark – Founder of JustSaiyan (note I am not a android or cyborg :) )
About Me!
Currently I am the below
From New Zealand
I am a business architect (business designer) by day and entrepreneur by... every other hour
I am a super mixer – I play with lego blocks
constantly thinking, creating and just doing.

I bring to life – what I think! *perhaps that is the NZ’er in me.. I’ll just do it!*
I love weighted calisthenics / Gymnastics, and now mountain biking (thanks Emma)
I ride a motorbike – yehp, that’s the bad ass coming out – imagine Top Gun but just… oozing more coolness ha!

Did I say leathers?
I have 2 kittens named Nappa and Frenchy, cute until the try to rip everything apart. I even made a scratch post from.......scratch for them.

I’m good with my hands! A handy man you could say!

A terrific husband, I have a fantastic lady who likes my hands – my wife *massage, massage*
I am very curious - also emotional too I care for people always seeing the best in people not the worst.
Full of energy, and can translate that energy to motivate others
(not bad for a 1 min stab at myself right? ) lol,
When your flawed your real. Business is about HUMAN connection. And the only way to truly connect is by being completely you.

I am Mark, not an android or cyborg, but a person – like you, just wanting to make dreams come true.
JustSaiyan - The Story...So far...
Did I intentionally set out to create Justsaiyan, no, no I didn’t – I simply wanted the DBZ shirt I have always wanted, but could never find for my 26th Birthday.. yehp, creaking bones and all, but hey I know it’s just a number right :P
How did it start then I hear you ask?... well I think I have to go back some months to the 26th February 2014 to be exact. Where I reached out to Derek Padula, for some advice on my concept, and who would be a great artist to get involved.

Javier – “the other half” of JustSaiyan describes our meeting and relationship like this “I would say that you contacted me because of Derek, and that even I'm not bilingual, we talk to each other like 2 buddies lol” yehp says it all really, 2 buddies, who are constantly skyping each other – have design talks – life talks and basically shooting the breeze everyday!

Up until the 25th of April 2014, the un-official artwork we created for Goku and Vegeta had all been for me, for my birthday. That all changed when Derek suggested that these awesome t-shirts designs should be stuck up on DBZ Reddit, to get feedback.

When I posted “I stole trunks time machine, Look what I came back with - not your usual” On Reddit.. I wasn’t expecting that much feedback so quickly… I had nothing, no website, no social media, not even shipping set up – NOTHING. Over the next couple of hours I built a website, started social media (twitter) to capture demand and questions!

This is the start of something that, at the beginning of the year wasn’t even a thought – It was the fans, which made Justsaiyan, I am merely the orchestrator to deliver dreams and happiness!
Thanks for reading!!
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