The important stuff

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    When will my gear be shipped?

    All gear is handmade to order by our awesome JS-TEAM out of the freshest Italian fabrics, meaning you get the most amazing gear you will have ever own.


    It currently takes us around 20-25 business days for us to hand make your gear before shipping.


    Business days Monday-Friday excluding public holidays

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    What method of payment do you accept?

    We accept the below;


    Credit Cards

    Debit Cards

    When you check out your items in the cart you will go through our secure 128-bit SSL encrypted payment processor, for you to enter your Credit or Debit Card details


    Yehp, there is more to us, so there is more help for you below!



    How do I place an order?

    Ordering online is as simple as selecting what you need and using the shopping cart function. You can also create an account, this means you can easily log in to our site, access your account information and pay online.


    How do I pay for my order?

    When you check out your items in the cart you will go through our secure 128-bit SSL encrypted payment processor, for you to enter your Credit or Debit Card details

    We do not accept internet banking or cheques for customer orders right now (except wholesale)


    Can I use more than one voucher code per order?

    We can only accept ONE discount code per order.


    Do you have minimum orders?

    There are no minimum quantities so you can order as much or as little as you like. If you are interested in ordering a bulk order for wholesale, email us at hello@justsaiyan.co


    Can I cancel my order?

    Until we approve your order to be made, your order status is “Awaiting processing” - you can cancel it at any time while your order is in this status.


    All orders are final when the order Status is “Processing”. If you need to cancel your order when the Status is “Processing” there will be a cancellation fee based on how far through the process we are. Currently the cancellation fee is 50% per item


    Please always email hello@justsaiyan.co to see what we can do for you.

    How can I check my order status?
    This can be done by signing in, and going to 'My Account'. Click on 'My Orders' to view all your orders to date.



    Why have I been charged import tax / duty, vat, gst

    The buyer is liable for payment of any country import tax/duty, vat, gst at the time of entry into the country of destination. JustSaiyan makes every effort to reduce the chance of duties and sales taxes being charged by customs agencies. Our packaging, labelling and documentation are designed accordingly. However, we do not accept any responsibility for any taxes or duties charged. To find out more information about import taxes / duties and vat or gst please contact your local customs office.


    Can I make changes to my order once I place it?

    Yes you can while your order status is in “Awaiting processing” however no changes can be made once the order status is in “Processing", so make sure you triple check your order before you place it.


    I’ve received my order, and an item is missing or incorrect, what should I do?
    If this has happened, we are so sorry. We are happy to remake and send you your correct / missing item, but we do need a few things from you first!
    1. Contact us within 5 business days of the gear being shipped. If contact is made past one month, we may not be able to correct it. Please check your order properly when you receive it.
    2. Take a photo of the incorrect gear that we have sent you and also the packaging it was sent in, front and back .


    How long will our products last? What are your washing instructions?

    Our products are designed to last and colours will NEVER FADE.


    Caring For Your Gear


    Nice, You have been wearing your Gear!!!

    Now you want to know how to keep that awesome design looking good after washing. We recommend that all our Gear be gentle machine washed to maintain their quality.




    Do not use any bleach or stain remover on the gear, this will potentially harm the fabric.


    Do use either a light washing liquid or washing powder


    • Turn T-Shirt inside out
    • Wash (taking into account the caution below)
    • Drying - Line or cold/warm air dryer
    • Put the top back on!!



    Where is our gear made?


    We are a New Zealand based company and we also have all our manufacturing in house at the awesome JS Hub in China - this is where our magic happens. All our gear is handmade to order from high end poly blend fabrics.


    JustSaiyan is totally owned and operated by our team from design to packing !!